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  Des Thomas

I was born and grew up in Northern Rhodesia, which later became Zambia. As there were no secondary schools or universities in the country at that time I traveled to Southern Rhodesia to school - a 2 day train journey. After graduating as a mining engineer in the UK and marrying; my wife and I returned to the Copperbelt. I worked for the same company in six different countries in Africa and South America.

From childhood I always wanted to draw and paint but never had the opportunity when younger and later on, was never brave enough to give up my profession. After what seemed to be a lifetime, I at last reached retiring age when it became possible to start painting. I worked hard by putting in hours of practice every day and taking advantage of as many courses, workshops and painting holidays as possible. During the last eight years my wife and I have been on painting holidays in the UK, France, Italy and Greece. These have varied between 2 and 4 weeks and they have not only been beneficial to me, but given many hours of enjoyment to both of us.


A highlight of my career was being invited to participate in two art book entitled "How did you paint that?" - volumes I & II. They were published in Cincinatti in the USA and 100 artists from around the world were selected for each volume.

Another highlight was being selected as a finalist in the International Artist painting competition. Paintings by artists from all over the world are submitted for each of these competitions.

Des Thomas Art
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